Unique rainforest trekking experience - 3d2n RM780


There are numerous places in Malaysia to go on a jungle trekking holiday. However the Belum Adventure Camp offers something quite unique. You will trek with researchers and conservationists on daily or multi day expeditions. As you trek you will help the researchers to look for, and gps locate, signs of animals such as pugmarks, scratch marks, scat and many other signs. This data will be used to create a presence map of animals in the Belum Temenggor forest reserves. You may also be lucky enough to help the researchers to collect camera traps or go on poacher surveillance patrols. There are no other give back jungle trekking holidays in Malaysia this is a unique experience that you and the forests will gain so much from.



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From RM780 per person

3 Days 2 Nights

Minimum 1 pax




Why Belum Adventure Camp (BAC)?

At BAC, you’ll experience something unique. Sure there are many ziplines and high rope courses, but at BAC you get to do all that while experiencing the pristine untouched beauty that is Belum.


Not only that, but you get to learn about the forest and it’s habitants; flora, fauna and the Orang Asli, by experiencing it yourself.



How do I make a reservation or booking?

Easy! Book here ...or if you're still unsure, contact us here.




What activities do you have in BAC?

From air to land and water, our activites cover all! For more details, please refer here.



How do I get to BAC?

Directions are available here.



What if I were to come in a big group?

That’s great! It’s a lot more fun!

Our chalets and dorm can accommodate up to 50 persons at a time. So the more the merrier!



What if I only want to do the activities but don’t want to stay at Belum Adventure Camp?

Sure you can! Please contact us here, we'll set you up.



Do we get to see the wildlife?

Belum is home to numerous animals and sightings are common, however we do not guarantee coming close or seeing the animals in the wild. But we do guarantee you a great experience at BAC.

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