Exotic and exciting, come experience nature untouched.


Located in the heart of the 130 million year old Belum – Temengor Rainforest, Belum Adventure Camp or BAC is the point where you escape civilization and return to the roots of wild nature. And if adventure is in your heart, this is where you belong.


It begins the moment you step onto the island. Adventure pumps your veins as you zip line across the lake or sky trek above camp grounds. Adventure is in every trail you trek to get closer to the wild fauna and flora. Adventure is rafting down one of the toughest rivers in Malaysia; Sungai Singor.


…but BAC isn’t just that.


We not only reconnect you with the beauty of nature but let you in on its secrets. We strive to protect our forests and create passionate stewards. We hold various educational camps and aspire to be the preferred destination for experiential learning and become a benchmark for corporate team building events in South East Asia.


Leave your comfort zone and let adventure take you.






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